$730 raised!


The fundraiser is now closed. Thank you all so, so much for your contributions!

Lately I've been having a lot of discussions around unhealthy relationships, different types of abuse, how to stop abuse, etc. It seems to be at the forefront of a lot of people's minds. As someone who has some experience with how damaging emotionally abusive relationships can be, I wanted to do something to help encourage conversation & create better support structures for those currently in (or recovering from) unhealthy relationships.

My name is Christopher - but most of the internet knows me as "Posty Posterson". I'm one of the editors of a popular sleep podcast. I also wrote the theme song. Thanks to that show's patrons, I even get the opportunity to create 'sleep music' that helps our listeners catch some Zzz's.

So! I'm setting out to write a brand new, full album of sleep music that you can help produce. For every $100 we raise toward a donation to a local Women's Centre, I'll publish another free-to-download piece of music right here on this website. The more donations we raise as a community, the more sleeping soundtracks we create! (And the more good we do to help support those recovering from abusive relationships.)

Rest easy with some calming music recorded by the author of the SWMP theme song - and help us support those working against emotional abuse.

- Posty

The Music

We were able to raise $730, which resulted in 7 separate sleep songs. Thanks to all those you donated to the fundraiser, this music is available for free download right here.

  • $100 Milestone

    Thanks to Heather Mauch, Melissa Holtzer-Jonas, Dave Allen, Wendy Bateman & our anonymous donors for helping us reach $100!

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    Thanks to Mary Robertson & our anonymous donors for helping us reach $200!

  • $300 Milestone

    Thanks to Sarah Williamson, Nathan Noll & Daniel Ackerman for helping us reach $300!

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    Thanks to our anonymous donors for helping us reach $400!

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    Thanks to our anonymous donors for helping us reach $500!

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    Thanks to John Devereaux & our anonymous donors for helping us reach $600!

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    Thanks to Tim Brunton & our anonymous donors for helping us reach $700!


Why sleep music? What does that have to do with emotional abuse?
This fundraiser came about through conversations between good folks who work on a sleep podcast. Posty helps edit that podcast & regularly makes music to help listeners get to sleep. We thought this could be a nice way to raise money for a worthy cause as well.

Who gets the money?
We're working with a local women's centre in Nova Scotia, Canada (where Posty lives). It is called Second Story Women's Centre. While we definitely recognize that psychological abuse spans a very broad spectrum of gender, age, etc. - Second Story does really great work and we're confident that our donation will go a long way in their hands. They offer free counselling programs (and much more) specifically aimed at helping abuse victims heal.
If you have another worthy cause that you would like to see become part of this fundraiser, please let Posty know.

Why do this?
This is something we feel strongly about. Emotional abuse can have incredibly damaging affects on all parts of a person's life. It's awful to watch a talented, vibrant friend lose themselves in an abusive relationship. While we can't stop abusive behaviour outright, we can open up healthy discussions about it, help those who have been through it, and better prepare ourselves to address it in the future. Thanks for being a part of that conversation.


The fundraiser has now closed. However, you can download the music that was made as part of the fundraiser below.